Bloom From Within

Wherever life plants you , bloom with grace. -sadhguru

We have been hearing a lot about this quote: “Everything is the reflection of ourselves”. but did we know this quote in deep level ?. maybe yes maybe no. some people find heaven in here and some people hell. it’s on you that how you see the world. if you are blissful , in love or devoted or anything that makes your frequency higher then you find world the most beautiful place but at the same time if you are filled with heavy past , hate, anger, greed etc that means even if we put you in a palace you will find devils there. more than 7 billion peoples , all experience the world in entirely different way. that’s why there are various types of heaven , hell , gods from different culture. most of the people never attempt to see inside them , they just go with the flow of the mass. but unless you understand yourself completely you can never understand anything at all because whatever you think you could understood is also happening inside you not outside. for example , if you see one person one type of feelings come , if you see another types of person , another feeling arises from inside, but outside is just a stimulus , what is actually happening is inside. you can change that to something different and the way you perceive world will be different because if you want transformation or want flower to blossom then you need to care about ambiance soil, water, sunlight and others just like that for yourself you need to care about your inner reaction , awareness not the outside things that you want to change. if inside is heaven outside is just a reflection so it can’t be hell. if you are filled with love than lower frequencies like hate , anger can’t touch you except there is a lot more amount of it in environment.


Little Gratitude

One moment of absolute gratitude can change anything -sadhguru

Gratitude naturally comes when we realize the things that we have got in this present moment. the only problem is we are not in present moment , we are somewhere else focusing on something we lacking and being unhappy about it. children seems so happy , why ? .actually we are also kid some time ago , we are also happy with our imagination and reality . why? . because kids are content with the things they have without worrying about the things they lack and they are in the moment , present moment , not trying to be somewhere else or in some other moments. present moment is all there is , others are just a memories and imaginations of the mind. we got memories that we can’t let go and got stuck with it and also have a imagination with our identification, that’s why every thought we think does have affect on personal level because you have identified with yourself and took it as personally.

the first gratitude will be for being alive, because this is the first priority of things from which other things are possible. i know your mind might say what is a big deal of being alive !. but just take a deep breath and see , you will realize this is THE most important thing , other are just a mental projection of drama. a small thread of breath keeps us alive , if there is no more inhalation than our physical life has no existence. don’t fear it, we all are going to die , you , me and like you and me , billions and trillions of people . don’t personalize things , just see them as a whole. the gratitude is not a psychological thing as we can see it on the media , it is also becoming a philosophy for being gratitude. the moment you realize within yourself that what has been given to you is enough for you to feel gratitude about. this doesn’t mean you won’t do to progress in life , you do but with the at most gratitude inside with whatever you have.

Say thank-you before sleeping and after wake up and also at anytime you remember that you are alive . thank you to whom ? , to the unknown until and unless that unknown becomes known.

Music and Life

the best thing about music is when it hits you , you feel no pain . -bob marley

From Silence comes vibration ,from vibration and frequency there comes sound , from certain combination of sound there comes music and with music there comes meaning to life. whole creation is celebration of music and dance ,the only sorrow we carry is our own illusion, the illusion of “I” and with all the psychological drama with “I” . If we are able to give a light to that illusion of shadow then naturally we can experience that music and dance which rooted within us, don’t say that i don’t know music or how to dance, i am not talking about surface expression. everything inside is constantly changing by nothing, vibrating , dancing and dissolving into nothing and again coming from nothing and vibrating , dancing and dissolving and it goes on even if you aren’t there , cause this is the nature of life in subtle level . all the representation of old religious metaphor are pointing towards the actual reality of nature , inside us. the music that created , the dance that happened , the various form of art that has been created and will be created has never come from surface level of life. only if the person is ready to dissolve himself into whatever he is doing than something more than wonderful could happen. if the person allows to function the larger intelligence that is constantly working right now in everything and everywhere than more than imagination could happen , because we never allow that intelligence to come into our experience by shutting that door from our little intellect and we keep being busy till the last breath and at last suddenly realizing something which is always there , but you never paid attention to.

Let You become music , let you heal through music by simply flowing into it’s rhythm . when you just dissolve into music or dance or any form of art and creativity , in the process of dissolving you will realize something far more than just surface thought and emotions which could only be experienced not put into some philosophy.

The silence that you touched will never go waste. -Yourancientfriend

First Love

the arising of sweetest of emotions brings the mesmerizing beauty of everything and rejuvenate the faded enthusiasm.

First love , the feeling, the memory , the moment , every bit of experience seems eternal and rooted. gives the meaning of life. the sensation on the physical , imagination on mental and the eternal bless inside the soul , everything seems connected and meaningful. the dazzling light on everything , freshness and aliveness . true love can only be experienced when the self is dissolve into something else.

everyone have their first experience of love , some will last and some don’t , but the memory and that experience will stay with us our whole life. the meaning of life is to experience everything that life has there to offer. it’s on us that we are open to it or not but life gives us several opportunity to experience in different dimensions . the experience of first love is hard to put into words but the memory , the story in the mind can be translated into language so that it can connect with others with same intensity and phase of life . it’s so beautiful and joyfully foolish experience and life seems wonderfully weird.

“The magic of our first love is our ignorance that it can never end.”

Bhaja Govindam – Lyrics and meaning

Bhaja Govindam also known as Moha Mudgara is a popular 8th century Hindu devotional composition in Sanskrit composed by Adi Shankara. This work of Adi Shankara underscores the view that devotion to God, Govinda, is a vastly important part of general spirituality, as emphasised by Bhakti Yoga and the Bhakti movement. 

yogarato vaa bhogarato vaa
sangarato vaa sangaviheenah

Whether one is immersed in yoga or in revelling in outward enjoyment,
Whether he in enjoying himself in social company or has retired into solitude,
True happiness certainly cannot be his;

yasya bhrahmani ramate chitham
nandati nadati nandatyeva

But who alone is revelling inwardly in brahman (wherever he be),
He alone will be truly happy and will verily enjoy;

yayavatpavano nivasati dehe
taavatprichchati kulasham gehe

As long as there is life in your body,
Your people may have concern for you;

gatavati vaayo dehaapaaye
bhaarya bibhati tasminkaaye

But once the life-breath ebbs out of your body,
Even your wife will run away from you;

jatilo mundi lunchita keshah
kaashaa yaambara bahukrita veshah

The ascetic with matted looks, the man with the shaven head or one with hair pulled out, Or the man parading in the ochre robes – they all have eyes but yet do not see;

pasyannapi cha na pasyati moodho
hirudara nimitam bahukrita veshah

All these are but deceptions for cheating the world, For filling their bellies;
(Renunciation does not lie in external appearance, but inward thought, attitude and feeling)

kaa ta kaantha dhanagata chintaa
vaatula kim tava naasti niyantaa

Crazy man! why do you worry so much about your wife and property?
Why don’t you seek the truth?

trijagati sajjana sangati rekaa
bhavati bhavaarnava tarane nouka

Know that in these three worlds, it is only the association with the good and holy,
That can help you in crossing safely the ocean of life;

maa kuru dhanajana youvana garvam
harati nimishita kaala sarwam

The pleasures and riches of worldly life are deceptive appearances;

maaya mayamidha makhilam hitwa
brahma padam twam pravisha viditwa

Understanding that they are all but a passing show, be detached and dispassionate,
Cultivate renunciation and seek Brahman;

naree sthana bhara nabhee desham
dhrishtwaa maa gaa mohavesham

yetan maamsava sadi vikaaram
manasi vichinthaya vaaram vaaram

Enticed by the physical glamour of a woman, do not lose your senses; The body is nothing but a conglomeration of flesh, Do not forget this anytime;

kurute gangaa saagara gamanam
vatapari paalana mathavaa daanam

jnana viheenah sarva matena
bhajati na muktim janmasatena

One may have bathed in the holy Ganges or even in the Ganga Sagar; He may have performed many charities and observed many vows; Yet unless one has glimpsed the truth, He will not release even after a hundred lives;

praanayaamam pratyaahaaram nityaanitya vivekavichaaram
jaapyasameta samaadhividhaanam kurvavadhaanam mahadavadhaanam

Regulated breathing and sense control, discrimination between the enduring and the fleeting; the eternal and the transient, Japa and meditation, And submerging of the bodily and mental consciousness in the consciousness of the spirit, merging oneself into the total inner silence – One must practice these with unrelenting fervour;

satsangatwe nissangatwam nissangatwe nirmohatwam
nirmohatwe nischalatatwam nichalatatwe jeevan mukhtih

The company of the good weans, one away from false attachments; When attachment is lost, delusion ends; When delusion ends, the mind becomes unwavering and steady.
An unwavering and steady mind is merited for jeevan mukti – liberation even in this life;

baala staavat kreedaa sakthah
Tharuna staavat tharunee sakthah

vriddha staavat chinthaa sakthah
parame bhrahmani kopi na saktha

Childhood skips off on sport and play, youth flies off in pusuits of love making, As one grows older, he is drowned in worry about the security and future of his wife and children; One’s whole life gets spent in some kind of worry or other, And at no stage does man find time to lift his thoughts to God.

punarapi jananam punarapi maranam
punarapi jananee jatare sayanam

ita samsaare bahudustaare
kripayaa paare paahi muraare

Undergoing the pangs of birth again and again, passing through the throes of death again and again, Lying in the mother’s womb over and over again, this process of samsaara is hard to cross over. Save me from this, Oh merciful Lord!

bhaja govindam bhaja govindam
govindam bhaja mudhamate

Seek Govinda! Seek Govinda! Seek Govinda! Oh ignoramus! At the time of death the rules of grammar which you’re trying to cram and master, will not be able to rescue at all!

We are already free

Sun is already shinning , all there need is, the removal of clouds. – Madhav Bhattarai

We are already free from the beginning but the problem is we are entangled by our own opinion and limitation of clouds in the mind and trying to be free. if bird doesn’t believe in his wings and always stays in his nest in his own prison without having attempt to fly , then what can we do for that dogs.

Yeah yeah birds , i know ! . just understand the meaning , word doesn’t matter. actually this sentence applies for more than one things, where dog is also included . so in the sense, above sentence contains two sentence with same meaning. don’t think , just let it go , i am just Messin’ around. just don’t try to do anything , either good or bad , just don’t do , only be , just be , just watch and observe and let higher intelligence begin work by itself , do not interrupt it, let creator do it’s business without your interruption . if you just do that by removing you nonsense aside for a moment then you will realize something profound which i am unable to explain.

If you are not familiar with what i am talking then your mind probably say ; How to do ? , what you are talking about ?. ok oky ! , my vision is to take you from little surface thoughts to empty consciousness behind , in whichever way possible . because without touching that profound intelligence behind , you won’t be able to know a things beyond these thoughts , beliefs , logic (actually all are thoughts permutation and combination is various ways) etc. just look at wherever you, take a breath , i suppose ; you are reading this (actually i don’t need to suppose , i know ) , this moment , right this moment , wherever you are , wherever i am , just be in this moment . we are not far than the little piece of earth , we both know we are not here forever , just like you and me has come and gone thinking , worrying , same drama maybe little bit classical way. whatever , this life is always in this moment , there is no tomorrow or yesterday. yesterday was lived by you and me maybe not consciously but it was gone , and this moment is also going , to live it or not is in our hand , life doesn’t wait , it just move on. and the future we are anticipating will be present and we will be there in entirely different state than we are right now. whatever we are imagining about future is how we are right now , in which frequency we are right now. just like everything is energy , frequency and vibration.

the moment you realize there is no past or future , only this moment and that moment you realize that time is actually an illusion created psychologically by seeing physiological process , this moment you are free. the whole idea of zen is to become timeless , not the type of timeless when you are drunk but you only in this moment , realizing you are breathing , the sound of silence , the air flowing near you , the life throbbing within you , alert and aware.

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